• Tradition and innovation in interlinings

Flex Internacional S.A. develops, in order to keep face with the ever-changing fashion industry, Continually innovative technologies that lead to new products, which are the output of the work of our well-informed research and development staff. Furthermore, our laboratory undertakes technical application, including real conditions tests to control use behaviour, dry washing, garment dye, industrial wash etc. and problem-solving consultancy, as well as quality control prior to any commercialisation of the qualities.

This investigation and development work allows us to offer best products to the textile market

Entretelas termoadhesivas: inserción de trama, de punto,tejidas y no tejidas
Weft insert, knitted and woven interlinings

Knitted and woven interlinings

Weft insert interlinings.
Knitted interlinings.
Woven interlinings.
Applications: Fronts, lapels and reiforcements

Entretelas para camisería y blusas
Shirt and blouse interlinings

Conventional and fusible woven interlinings.
In rolls or died.

Applications: Collars, cuffs and reiforcements.

Entretelas crin y pelo
Hair interlinings

Hair interlinings and Plakets. In rolls or ready made.
Applications: fronts and chest pieces

Entretelas corbatería
Tie interlinings

Tie interlinings. In rolls or died.

Flex Internacional, S.A. has been involved in successful overseas business for the last two decades. Nowadays, we conduct business with some of the world’s major markets, as evidenced by our locally established agents in many European countries, as well as in North Africa, Asia and America. This trend has boosted during the last years, due to offering quality parameters which are very much valued by our worldwide customers, who trust us and the seriousness in our work.